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From The Plastic Hallway

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.” -Hunter S. Thompson

Gifts From Giving

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Music Is Love Exchange was born from a desire to share and do good in the world, and last week I had the privilege of leading a group of 27 people into Guatemala for a week of service and music. The following is an excerpt from my writing down there, inspired by Lake Atitlan and the beautiful communities we were able to serve:

We came together through service and have a bond that cannot be broken, in part because we were willing to be present and live in a specific moment as a unified community. No stopping to check text messages, or emails, or to scroll Facebook. The wall created by technology is imaginary. Everyone in our group has a smart phone, yet it was very easy and comfortable for every one of us to detach. None of the Guatemalan kids had phones. They were ready and willing to be in the moment with us, to love us and experience being with us. This is a lesson that will inform my interactions with my own children.

Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become spirit. Spirit resonates, or not, depending upon which thoughts you started with.

The air that we breathe on Lake Atitlan is available at home. You just have to choose to breathe it.

Giving is the most selfish thing you can do. It fills you up, recharges your batteries, connects you to the universe and to the great pool of energy we have here on earth.

Gratitude - I am grateful for my family, my clients, my dear friends. I care deeply about my work, listen to the music that I am fortunate enough to be working with in my free time. I allow my work to be present in my life so that the work doesn't feel like an effort. It simply feels like doing stuff, not dissimilarly to the feeling of working here in Guate. We all have gifts to give and when we are connected to our work and our intentions, great things can happen. It requires focus, presence and the deep desire to serve. You will receive from the universe what you put into it.

Milers from previous trips have reported tremendous manifestations of success upon returning from the lake. I will allow that for myself. I am open and ready to receive it, in whatever form it comes. I expect nothing and will receive what the universe intends for me. Happiness will follow.

I worry too much. Worrying points to death and the absence of presence. I will be dead soon enough. I will allow myself to enjoy every breath I take and trust that I am loved. Hey – I've made it this far, and that would have been impossible if I were not loved.

Music is love.


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